You're Never Too Old to Collect Baseball Cards

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You used to love collecting baseball cards, but you haven't dusted off your old collection in ages. Rediscover your love by visiting the experts at Boise Card Guys, LLC. We have Major League Baseball cards from all different eras. Whether you want to buy a box, a pack or even just a single card, we have you covered. You'll feel like a kid again as you browse the items in our shop.

Find out more about our baseball cards by coming to our store today.

Take a closer look at our baseball items

Take a closer look at our baseball items

When you visit Boise Card Guys, you'll find that we have it all. Our shop sells:

  • Rookie player cards
  • Memorabilia patches
  • Autographed items
We even have cards graded by the Professional Sports Authenticator. Call 208-801-2830 today to learn more about our baseball items.